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It’s our job to give refs a tough time on this site, but we want to make something clear:


We know that refs can be really frustrating when they screw up a call, but come on now, it’s just a game. Saturday in Sarasota, FL, a youth football game broke out into a brawl over a bad call. A youth football game where players weren’t even in pads. How serious could this game really have been? What could the ref have botched to deserve such a beat down? Seriously folks, refs can make our lives miserable for a moment or two. But this kind of crap makes lives miserable for much longer. Just ask the 3 youths facing battery charges and let us know what they think.


2 thoughts on “Football Official Gets Beat Down In Fight”
  1. Chuck

    Yeah, as an official, I feel the officials are idiots for not pressing charges. There is a reason for that law being there. He should’ve. Doesn’t matter what the other coach been through.

  2. John

    Completly diagree. Refs are only judged by the masses that really have no influence as to how th game is played, and yet they are necer held accountible for their mistakes they go kn the not top ten for a friday everyone laughs and thwy just move on. No all thise involved with a PRO league must be held accountible from the gm to the ball boy. If the league wont do anything then its up to the players

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