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According to the Huffington Post, the NBA has reached an agreement with it’s referees for a new 5-year deal. If you remember, two years ago, the referees threatened to strike and therefore force the NBA to open it’s season with replacement refs (not sure how much worse a job they could do than the current bunch). In the long run, a revamping of the whole system may have been the best thing for the NBA…

This agreement puts one of two potential NBA lockouts to rest…oh good…now if we only had….ummm…..players, that’s it.

Traditionally, NBA referees have a 5-year deal, but it seems that back in 2009, they sought a 2-year deal, which would allow them to up their “ask.” Since the economy is “so much better” now…oh wait, not it’s not. Oops..

So, it looks like if we actually have an NBA season, we’ll have to deal with the same weak refs. I still don’t see why they don’t try to make a change; add a forth ref, or maybe just have them only call what they see, rather than what they think they see.

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