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Ok, so we’ve seen some really funny tweets about this sad ending to the Packers-Seahawks game. If you haven’t see it, check out this bad call video.

Here are some tweets:
From Zack Meisel @zackMeisel
“You think this is bad? Imagine how incompetent the refs are who are filling in for these replacement refs.”

From Shawn Gerhardson @ShawnGerhardson
“#NFL just announced the rest of this seasons games will air exclusively on #ComedyCentral”

We’ve seen this a few times
“Russell Wilson just became first QB in history to throw a Game Winning interception”

We will continue to update this post. If you see other ones, please add in comments.

“That was a joke, officials just gave the home team the game”

“The NFL needs to go to the NHL rules, where all scoring plays are reviewed”

2 thoughts on “Funny Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks Bad Call Tweets”
  1. Matt

    Aww come on the ref saw Jennings on the back of the jersey and thought it was Greg Jennings,,,,easy mistake…for idiots

    • admin

      Good one Matt. Who has time to learn specifics like “Teams”, “Players”, “Rules”.

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