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Nothing is shocking. As a Pryor supporters, we’ve applauded the Raiders for taking a chance on the kid. They see what we see, freakish physicality, talent and, whether you agree or not, performance at Ohio State that are merely an indication of what Pryor is capable of. Certainly more than an average 3rd round pick that the Raiders spent to get him. Now, however, Pryor is moving¬† forward with an appeal of his five-game suspension, the equivalent of the punishment received for his mistakes at Ohio State. Pryor had previously said he would not oppose the penalty the NFL imposed as a condition of making him eligible for the supplemental draft.

Most fair minded folks agree that his NCAA violations shouldn’t carry over to the NFL.
The collusive actions of the NCAA/NFL relationship are a different topic for different day. No matter, Pryor agreed to the suspension and, at this point, should do the time and move on. Now a Raider, the kid has a chance to start again and put the past in the past. There is little point, other than principle, to drawing more attention to his mistakes. Principle is important. But for a kid that arrives with a bad rap, it’s best to lay low, let fans and league focus elsewhere and begin again in Week 8. In the scheme of what may be a very good career, it just 7 games. 7 games of a season that may never have happened. Kid, tell Drew Rosenhaus to let it go. Let it go and do your thing.

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