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Ok, good time, with 8:39 left in the third quarter, the refs called a three seconds violation on Kevin Garnett, even though there were still 20 seconds on the shot clock, he was not in the key for more than 2 seconds, and the ball had pretty much just crossed half court. Everyone in the arena, including the announcers, and Doc Rivers were in disbelief. Doc Rivers called a time out, just to talk to the officials. Of course, the replay showed the official being wrong. “obviously a bad call”, said the announcers. Over than that, the Celtics are missing a lot of wide open shots, and Paul Pierce took no shots in the 3rd quarter.

Beginning of the forth quarter, and the refs are doing a good job so far. Well, with 7:46 left in the quarter, and the Celtics on a run, the refs help them by calling a foul on Lamar Odom, even though he was just standing there during Tony Allen’s drive. But again, Allen fell to the floor, so it had to be a foul. Rasheed Wallace picked up a technical foul, because he can’t control his emotions. Good call. Makes up for it with a huge three!

Nate Robinson gets a technical foul for taunting Lamar Odom, another good call. See, we’re not only here to point out the bad 🙂 We’re not just looking for good either, we just want consistency. With 2:51 left in the game, the refs have done a good job most of this half. Well, they went ahead and threw it in the crapper, but calling a blocking foul on Kobe Bryant, when he was CLEARLY outside of the restricted zone, and had established position. It’s really not that hard, THEY EVEN ADDED A LINE TO HELP YOU OUT! At least it wasn’t at an important point in the game…. oh wait, it was.

Well, one of the announcers just said “you can’t foul, or appear to foul”. What the heck does that mean? it’s either a foul or it’s not.

Well, overall, not a terrible job by this crew. Better than most in the second half.

2 thoughts on “Lakers Celtics 2010 NBA Finals Game 4 post game referee rev”
  1. Richard Donahue

    Is anyone that knows the rules of the NBA watching these games? The refs are so biased along with the commentators. They are trying to hand the Championship to the Lakers. There are so many fouls called against the Celtics and on the replay no Celtic ever fouled anyone. Clean blocks called and everytime a Laker misses a shot a foul is called on the Celtics. Gasaul is the biggest flopper/actor in the NBA. Everytime he flails his arms around it is a signal to the refs to call a foul. Look at the game tapes rewind and slo-mo the “fouls” This is the biggest robbery since the Eastern Conference finals when Dwight Howard was allowed to knock the Celts to the floor at will with no fouls called at all.

  2. chris

    This kid is either retarded or blind. such a biased article. cant beleive i wasted my time reading this.

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