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I’m watching game 4 of the 2010 NBA Finals, and the refs are at it again. Rasheed Wallace, who does have a history, is called for 2 fouls in two minutes. One is very legitimate, the other, an awful call. After not falling for a pump fake by Pau Gasol, Wallace simply moves out of the way, at which point Gasol falls. Well, you guys know how the NBA game is officiated, if someone falls, it has to be a foul. The replay show ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT, and Wallace goes to the bench. I don’t understand how you can call something that didn’t happen. I’d like to see a lot more no calls, and a lot less of these no-existent fouls. KG just his a shot at the buzzard, great work. If every game, everyone talks about how bad the refs are, maybe something needs to happen…nah…let’s keep it the same. Keep up the good work David Stern.

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  1. Melissa Donahue

    I just can’t believe what I have been seeing here. These refs are either paid off very well, or they have their own bets going on the Lakers winning the Finals. We need to be adament about keeping tabs on what the ref’s extra curricular activities are. This is almost as bad as when they didn’t call a flagrant foul on Dwight Howard in the Eastern Conference Finals for giving Big Baby Davis a concussion. It sickens me to watch our Celtics lose a game simply cause no one can do anything about these “officials”.

  2. admin

    well, someone can, he just WON’T!!

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