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A lot of fans out there have been getting it wrong. They think Cleveland is only bitter because LeBron James left to play for the Miami Heat. Certainly, there is a level of disappointment associated with losing your star player, but the real stab in the back was HOW he did it. LeBron James could have just said “I love you Cleveland, thank you for the memories. I am choosing to go play for the Miami Heat because they give me the best chance at winning multiple NBA titles.” Now, Cleveland Cavalier fans would still be upset, but at least that would be LeBron treating the fans, city, and team with some respect.

Instead, LeBron James decided to put on The Summer of Me, which wasted the time and efforts of various NBA teams. LeBron not only strung the Cavaliers along, but in so doing, prevented them from signing any other available free agents. Maybe this was his intent all along, getting rid of a competitor in the East. Leaving his home of 7 years high and dry, is not exactly a graceful exit. So that’s why Cleveland fans are upset.

So now, El Bow James is going to play (read “perform his act”) in Miami (read “south beach”) and try to win “7 titles”. LeBron is missing the fact that he lost the respect of fans around the world, and players around the league. LeBron saying that he’s going to go play in Miami with Wade and Bosh was heard around the league as:
“I don’t have what it takes”, “I have to rid piggy back Wade to win a championship”, “I can put on a show, but in the end, I’m just not good enough to win”, take your pick. Good luck playing the part of Horace Grant to Wade’s Jordan. Sitting here reflecting on LeBron’s decision, I can’t believe he didn’t go play for the Lakers. He could have just come of the bench for Kobe Bryant and won a championship there.

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  1. carl

    you nailed it! ITS HOW HE DID IT! and wasted the Cavaliers TIME to sign other top free agents!!!

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