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Paul Pierce screams “We ain’t coming back to LA!” This is another instance of Paul Pierce taunting fans of the opposing team. He did something similar after the Boston Celtics won their second game against the Orlando Magic. Pierce, during a post-game interview, said “We’re coming home to close it out”. Pierce put the same message up on his Twitter account.

3 thoughts on “Paul Pierce taunts lakers fans”
  1. GG

    WHO GIVES A F*** ABOUT PAUL PIERCE?!?!?!?!? HE’S ALMOST AS BAD AS FRICKIN’ RAJA BELL (though not quite the thug that Bell is).

  2. Roman

    It amazes me that Pierce is talkin trash, when he’s not producing at all. Artest got his .ss in a straight jacket. I guess he’s stuck in 08. Different team homeboy. We aint the Cavs or Magic.

  3. Donna

    Paul Pierce is the heart and soul of the Celtics. And the Lakers are one game away from being eliminated. I was at Game 5 and there’s no way Lakers are taking two in a row. Not the way they’re playing. Guess we’ll be hoisting another banner soon. That’s what . . . .18, yes 18! RIP!

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