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When Devin Hester is ready to roll, you’ve got to throw everything you’ve got at him. Or so the Packers thought. The amazing trick punt return, one of the most memorable plays in recent NFL history, began with Devin Hester making as if he was going to make a routine fair catch. The Packers D converged on Hester as Johnny Knox, clear across the field, easily caught it and easily rolled to an 89-yard touchdown.  Then, the amazing play was called back after a holding call on #21 Corey Graham, who may as well have been in the parking lot on the play. He, like the rest of Packers, were all over Hester on the near sideline. How can an official call holding when the play was clear on the other side of the field. Holding for what? Then the officials clarified, the call was on #29. A guy who wasn’t even on the field. Holding on who? Look, we can understand if an infraction changes the course of play.If it has nothing to do with it, let them play! Let them play!

After the game, NFL officials pointed to a screen shot that may or may not show the penalty. Either way, one of the coolest touchdowns in NFL history was squashed by an overzealous ref trying to earn his keep. You blew it and took away an award winning highlight reel moment. It shall now live on in infamy. Keep that.

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