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Well, the refs have “taken control” of game 7. Calling phantom fouls, missing obvious calls, being inconsistent with moving screens and hand checks. This is such a poor officiating job, that I’m not even going to mention specific instances, since it’s not really needed. Just watch ANY 5 minutes of the game, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. So far, Kobe Bryant is pretty “off”, and the Los Angeles Lakers are down by 4, 57 – 53. The Boston Celtics just got called for a 24 seconds violation at the end of the 3rd quarter (good work), and the Lakers will have a chance to take the last shot….or to maybe turn the ball over and give the Celtics the last shot.

Ron Artest just stole the ball, drove the length of the court, got hammered by Kevin Garnett, and the refs called it out of bounds. Then Ray Allen puts his shoulder right into a standing Kobe Bryant, and the refs call a blocking foul.

Pau Gasol travels with 1:29 seconds left in the game and the refs miss it, making it a 6 point game.

Well, the teams played a fantastic game. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers.

4 thoughts on “NBA refs ruining game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals”
  1. truefan

    I’m not sure how you can call this a fantastic game when most mainstream media articles described it as a grind. Did you fail to mention all the free throws the Lakers got in the 4th quarter?

    • admin

      well, “fantastic game” referred to the back and forth nature of the game, but if you read the title “NBA refs ruining game 7…”, you can tell how I truly felt about it. I do agree that the number of free throws in the forth quarter was grossly skewed. This is why I said before the game that there is no way the refs were going to let the Lakers lose at home on game 7. I got a lot of junk about that, but you saw what happened.

  2. Kylie

    You’re so right. The Celtics were up and the biased ref gave them so many free throws they stole a lead.

  3. Jason

    Dude that shit was retarded. Lakers won that game off of free throws from fouls that never happened. Why is it they fouled the shit out of the celtics the whole second half and hardly got called on any of it? I know that all them celebs from hollywood had something to do with the calls, one of them or maybe a group of them paid those refs. Thats why I wish that Jack nickleson would of gotten smashed instead of moving out of the way.

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