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Well, game 6 was a complete whopping of the Boston Celtics by the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics were manhandled all gave by physical play from the Lakers. Several people have pointed out that they just kept looking to the refs for calls. The question is, did the Lakers get away with fouls all game? Was the game just more physical? Did the refs call this game differently than the other 5? I don’t think that the game was called in the Lakers’ favor (although conspiracy theorists may think there is no way the NBA would pass on a game 7). Not to mention fixed games allegations, etc.

The Lakers just seemed to play with more energy, and the Celtics folded. To be fair, the Lakers played just like the Celtics did in games 4 and 5 of the NBA finals. The Celtics did not box out, played lazy defense, and pretty much gave up. Now, Kobe Bryant made some really nice shots, but they were not what won the game. I really like the fact that the refs let them play this game, I wish there was more of that. Ron Ron came to play, so did Gasol, Odom finally looked like he was actually in the game.

From the game: The refs missed an elbow from Artest to Rondo’s chops. I was happy with no calls on some silly flops throughout the game. Several times, officials made calls without seeing the play. It’s important actually see fouls when you call them…I think. Kobe got a technical foul after complaining to the ref about being held. The replay showed Tony Allen pulling Kobe’s arm back, then running around him to steal the ball. I did see several moving screens that were not called (not sure why).

Here are some comments from around the web about the game:

“If the next game is called properly by the refs the Celtics will CRUSH the Fakers. Tune in tomorrow for the final act in this years David “DER FUHRER” Stern’s production of the NBA final’s.”

I would say that I was most impressed with Gasol. (a little shot at Kobe, since I expect him to do well). Regardless, it’s down to one game, let’s see who steps up, and hope that the refs don’t ruin or control the outcome.

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  1. Emil Mupenzi

    1)I think the commissioner should be changed.
    He ‘has been in for long time.
    2)Of course most of the games ‘ outcomes in NBA are dictated by referees(NBA policy) Despite complaints, nothing is done to change it
    3)We will like to see a better team win Not Referrees
    4)Celtics will not win tonight because of the officiating
    NBA- Shame on you!

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