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Watching the game (of course), and just seeing how the refs get sucked into the action. Kobe Bryant just got called for his fifth foul on Paul Pierce’s flop. Pierce, catching the ball by the sideline, lunges forwards into Kobe and then flops out of bounds. The refs fall for it, and make the call. This game has been full of some strange offensive foul calls as well. Some on the Celtics, some on the Lakers. Looks like the Celtics will win this one, so we’ll be headed to LA for game 6. The Celtics have played a better game, and Kobe is not really getting the kind of help he needs. With 2:25 left in the game, no other Laker in in double figures. I expect to see a game 7, as LA should win the next game at home. Rondo has had a good game, and has been able to impact the game like he did in the Cleveland series. The Lakers miss 2 crucial free throws, one by Pau Gasol, one by Ron Artest, and the Celtics should be putting this game away, although they are having their own problems at the free throw line. One of these days, someone should explain to me why NBA players can’t make free throws. It’s the only shot in the game that you can practice. Anyways, that’s another topic.

Well, with a 1:30 left in the game, Ray Allen is called for fouling Kobe Bryant on a three point shot. The fans complained, but the refs got it right. Stupid foul by Allen. Bryant makes the first two, then calmly sinks a third one, as some moron fan throws something onto the court. Nothing but class. That fan should be turned in by those sitting around them. That’s just uncalled for.

OMG, the refs just reversed a call that is sure to impact this game. After calling a 24 second violation on the Boston Celtics, they decide to change it by saying that the ball hit the rim. Replay showed nothing to this effect. Maybe this should be another play that the refs are allowed to review. The Lakers are on a run, cut the lead to 5, and now lose possession, as the refs make a huge mistake. It’s ok, it’s just the NBA finals, nothing big. I’m sure David Stern will do the right thing and…oh wait, he won’t do anything.

Artest misses another free throw!! argh! And then missed the second. Well, with all these terrible called, the Lakers still had a chance to close down this gab. I’m sure the calls would have been the same if this game was played in LA. Of course, the refs “need to control the game”…. I thought they were there to make the right calls. I could be wrong though. After all, Stern says that “the refs always do a fine job”.

Long inbound pass by the the Celtics, Paul Pierce travels as he fall out of bounds (no call of course) he makes a sweet pass to Rondo and makes another one of his incredible layups. Other than the travel, it’s a sweet play. Ron Ron mis-plays a full court play by leaving Rondo, and the Lakers are forced to foul Ray Allen…..good luck winning that free throw contest.

Celtics win. Great game.

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