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The game started out a little sketchy with a double technical call within about 3 seconds of the game starting. But to be fair, they did a pretty good job. They still seem to have a difficult job calling offensive fouls and blocking fouls correctly, but at least they didn’t dictate the game. There were several phantom calls last night, which left the Boston Celtics appalled, but oh well.

The Los Angeles Lakers looked good, and pretty much had the game in control the whole time. Rondo didn’t look like himself. Kobe played him like the Cleveland Cavaliers should have, but giving him about 10 feet of space and daring him to shoot (which of course he didn’t). But hey, I don’t expect the coach of the year to make ANY adjustments during a series.

One thought on “Laker vs. Celtics game 1 of the 2010 NBA finals”
  1. ed

    Game one Ray Allen was exiled from the Game . Game two it was kobe. It seemed like the refs knew how to fix the game in disguise. Put the best player of the team in foul trouble, but give the other team more free throws to make the calls seem even.

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