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Let me first say that I’m a huge soccer fan. I’ve played soccer my whole life, and absolutely love the game.

Can we please DO AWAY with all the flopping, diving, embellishing fouls, blah blah blah. There’s a rule in place that allows a ref to give a yellow card in these instances. USE IT! Use it 10 times in 1 game if you have to, and players will stop, because they won’t want to get a red card. It’s really simple. Players, STOP COMPLAINING EVERY TIME YOU GET TOUCHED! It’s part of the game. You get fouled, you foul, get over it. I’m sick of watching these guys roll on the ground every two seconds. You got the call, now get up and play. Argh!

One thought on “Annoyed at the all the flopping in the World Cup.”
  1. Fahmi

    that LeBron took the aadvntage of the media to broadcast his ?good deed? in hopes of his final decision being forgotten. Following to the media, I think the Omada Group acted unethical and childish. They created that billboard with the intention of harming LeBron James and adding more bad publicity to his decision. Furthermore, the tabloid?s headlines were also unethical and childish. I do not think they acted as professionals when they thought about this billboard. I understand they have the right to express themselves, but the way they did it was not a respectable conduct for the media or anyone.The moral claimants in this story would be the fans, NBA organization, the media profession, and society as a whole. They are all affected by LeBron?s decision and by the way the media and fans were acting in response to his decision. Like I said earlier if there is no ethical or conduct code for NBA players then LeBron has the right to express his decision anyway he likes, even though his way of doing it affected him in many ways.

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