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After finishing second to last in the West, the Sacramento Kings is in a rebuilding process, centered around a young and talented nucleus. But have they made the right moves to really improve their team? Trading Casspi for Hickson seems like it could be a positive move, and is adds a strong power forward, fitting for a west coast time. Now, a lot will depend on Jimmer Fredette’s development and success.

Some, question Fredette’s true value in the NBA, mostly due to questionable defensive ability. Others believe that his exceptional offensive abilities greatly outweigh any shortage on the defensive end. Remember, he’s playing as part of the team’s defensive strategy, so if the coaching staff keeps that in mind, he should be able to do fine.

Having Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins (together with his drams) to go along with the new additions of Hickson, Fredette and Salmons should allow the Kings to begin a move out of the bottom of the West, and back towards the good ole days.

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