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PERSONALLY, and this is just my opinion. we are doing MJ a disservice by comparing KB to him. i mean the comparisons are flattering but cmon man. 6 Finals MVPs, the oldest player to score 40 pts in a game (and i think he had a DOUBLE DOUBLE that game….lol), 6 championships, the person who inspired THE JORDAN RULES- a book that basically said that we are going to physically BASH this guy until he gets the point…and they STILL COULDNT STOP HIM. I mean we are really forgetting what this man did AND HOW he did it. i think everyone gets caught up in the ooohs and aaahs and people forget what basketball is about…. winning and HOW YOU WIN. THE WAY THAT MJ won is unmatched. KB is an AWESOME/GREAT player but i think that that is where it stops….for now at least. he doesnt stack up to ” “. forget scoring. Karl Malone is No. 2 All Time and has 0 CHAMPIONSHIPS. Putting KB up there wit ” “…. some people should be ashamed…lol well, maybe not ashamed but u know what i mean. and people are forgetting that KB DID play with THE MOST DOMINANT PLAYER IN NBA HISTORY WHO WAS IN HIS PRIME when they won those 3 championships in 2000-2002 (not to take away from KBs performance because he played his butt off too but cmon man). and someone mentioned how the refs call little bitty touch fouls… i think that DOES, IN FACT, influence players’ performance. take the crippling and tenacious defenses of the 80s and early 90s and you got a different ball game.

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  1. Tina

    I understand everything being said, and I agree that KB should not be compared to MJ. KB should be compared to KB. The are different players, from different eras, and in my book each of them deserves all the respect in the world. They are two greats, they have both proved it, and MJ should and will always be remembered for what he has done, just as KB will be remembered by everything he has accomplished, and KB is far from being done. Perhaps when he retires we can better analyze his career. They are different plain and simple, and nothing should ever be taken away from either of them by always “comparing”

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