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Danny Ferry was a chump as a GM. He was lucky to get Lebron in his tenure which meant 25-30 regular season wins a year no matter whom he had surrounding him.

Danny ferry generally drafted/signed players that had his qualities: SLOW players that can shoot mid-range jumpers but can’t create their own shots or players past their prime.

The Jamison signing screwed up the Cavs this year and next year. Shaq should never have been signed (I don’t know whom to blame for that one: Ferry, Gilbert or Lebron; probably Lebron as Shaq may have been a hero to him as he was growing up). Mo Williams was the best PG available at the time, however, we shoudl have explored options before giving him a LT deal at the price we did as he’s been outplyed by Rondo and Nelson in consecutive playoffs (09 and 10).

So, Ferry supporters, please enlighten me on how Ferry is a good GM?

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