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In the very next game, following a terrible call that cost the US Soccer Team a world cup win, the refs did it again. In the 2010 World Cup game between the USA and Algeria, a positive run by Jozy Altidore, led to a ball being played to Clint Dempsey on the back post. Dempsey scored, only to have the goal called back for an offside. Another disallowed goal for the US Soccer Team. It is too early to tell if this will have an impact on the US Soccer Team making it to the next round, but it sure would be nice for these refs to get some of these calls right.

The replay clearly showed Clint Dempsey was onside and the goal should have been allowed. FIFA has declared a long time ago that the benefit of the doubt goes to the attacker. Well, this is simply another case of the refs, in this case a linesman, dropping the ball.

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