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OMG. Terrible call by first-base umpire Jim Joyce ruins a perfect game for Armando Galarraga in today’s Tigers Indians game.  The call was so awful, that it makes me sick. After 8 2/3 perfect innings, Cabrera clearly gets the ball to Galarraga before the runner hits first. I mean, i’ts not even close. The guys only job it to watch that play. Unreal. I disagree with the people who say he should have gotten the call because it was going to be a perfect game. HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE CALL BECAUSE IT WASN’T EVEN CLOSE!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!

Way to deprive the guy at doing something he may never do again. Great work.

3 thoughts on “Umpire Jim Joyce blows perfect game for Armando Galarraga”
  1. Walter J. Brey

    Joyce should be suspended for the rest of the season for that history changing bad call.

    He just robbed Gallaraga of millions in endorsements!

  2. mike

    i actually felt sick and disgusted by this call. Bud Selig, if you have any balls please do something about this….

  3. Mansukh

    John Parent over at Fansided’s Motor City Bengals Detroit Tigers site disrgaees, and that&#821 I can understand his frustration. If the roles were reversed, and Fausto Carmona was robbed of a perfect game, I would be livid. (Of course, all this controversy masks that Carmona made a damn fine start himself). But you simply cannot overreact to this. If you want to use this as a springboard to get instant replay in baseball, be my guest. I’m for anything that improves the accuracy of the game. Instant replay definitely would have fixed this mess. But actually altering the outcome of the game after the fact should only be done in the most important of situations. And I’m sorry, an early June game between the Indians and the Tigers doesn’t count as important.

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