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Here’s a quick list of some blown calls in the NFL.

Thanksgiving 1998, Nov 26. Steelers – Lions, coin toss. Phil Luckett was unable to get the coin flip call going into over correctly. Lions beat the Steelers. “he said heads” wait what? Tails? Well, it’s really much more complicated than you think…there are so many options….hhhmmm maybe not.

Dec, 6 1998 Vinny Testaverde ruled in end zone as the Jets beat the Seahawks 32 – 31. His helmet got across, but not the ball. Nice way for Seattle to get knocked out of the playoffs.

Sept. 14, 2008, Ed Hochuli blows his whistle to negate Jay Cutler’s fumble and Broncos beat the Chargers 39 – 38….Broncos go on to win.

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