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What did you think of the way the refs called game 2 of the 2010 NBA finals? The Boston Celtics win game two, but a lot of complaining was done by the Lakers. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Lakers Celtics game 2 of the 2010 NBA Finals, referee review”
  1. Michael M

    I can’t help but feel cheated as a Lakers fan. After watching the replays it was obvious Kobe did absolutely nohting to deserve 3 of his 5 fouls. Ray allen acted on a routine offesnive move which Kobe does every game, Rondo wasnt even touched bty Kobe but fell out of bounds like Kobe pushed him, and then there was Glen Davis’ three moving baby steps while Kobe was clearly in the air yet somehow got a charge. this was absurd. Kobe never was allowed to get intio any type of rhythm and had to stay away from being aggressive in fear that these terrible refs would call anoth Bogus foul. Boston has a bunch of little actresses on their team, they dont deserve to be called tough. Its one thing to moan on your way to the basket but to fake like someone committed a foul the way Ray allen and Rondo did, thats just pathetic. the only credit they should get is a bib and a pacifier. Hey Paul, for someone who once survived nine stabbings, how come you are probably the biggest faking cry baby in the NBA? I’ve never seen someone go to the ground and cry for bumps and injuries that I shrug off probably 2-3 times a game. Get some balls and be a man!


    56 fouls

  3. Stanley

    The refereeing in game 2 definitely favored the celtics. i agree that kobe undeservingly accumulated 5 fouls which definitely altered the outcome of the game, but i don’t blame the celtics for this. i blame the bad calls by the horrible refs. The entire game was filled with horrible calls that 9/10 favored boston. other than the horrible foul calls by the ref’s, there was one key play in the 4th quarter which sealed the deal for bostons win, and that was when they called out of bounds on Pau Gasol instead of Kevin Garnette, when even after the replay had shown and the commentators thought it was out on KG, the ref’s decided to give Boston the ball when the score was 93-90 boston. and boston went on to win the game after that key play. The replay clearly showed that kevin garnette’s hand was last to touch the ball, yet the call was not overturned even when it was shown on live television. Those ref’s should be fired.

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