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According to the new rule, a ball caught by both the offence and defense should be rules a touchdown. What do you think? Was it an interception or a touchdown?

Do you think that Denarius Moore had possession at the same time as Da’Norris Searcy? There was also an “erroneous” buzzer transmission that told the refs that the play was being reviewed…although, it had already been reviewed. Confused? You should be.

Referee Mike Carey told a pool reporter that “I got a beep in the locker room, a buzz in the locker room, that said ‘review'”, then “Went back out, put the headset on. They weren’t set up. But it was an erroneous transmission, and they had already confirmed the ruling on the field.”

The Raiders clearly believe the play should have been called a TD; Moore said “I was competing for the ball at the last minute. I thought I came down with (it), coach thought I came down with it, but the referees thought different.”

2 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills Oakland Raiders Last Play Interception or Touchdown?”
  1. sam

    it was definitely an interception. Da’Norris Searcy caught it, and came down with it, then Denarius Moore kinda jumped on him.

  2. TRichards

    I think it should be an interception, but according to the rule, as it is now, you have to call that a TD

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