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GAME 5 Thunder vs Heat; what the f…; why does the referees of the NBA get away with Bad calls; who do they answer to; I really want to know, how can they be fined by making teams lose on their say so, if they are false; Look at the tapes; that is what the tapes are for, GEEZ; I want to complain that this a game of the BEST PLAYERS IN THE NBA; but the refs make it cheap; you saw Le Bron James could not even look the camera face up and chin held high; no eye contact at all; He knows it is a crock; He was ashamed; he seems to not stand up and be proud of his games; probably non of his prior games as well, who knows, they may have been rigged too! Now that it comes clearly to all; Le Bron you are a coward, and will always be one, until you start standing up to your standards of what is called a good or excellent MVP, it is what it is all about; this is not about you nor anyone else personally,But the bad referee calls deciding. It must have been the corporate big wigs, Le Bron’s cut, or since Le Bron is just a Commodity. I would feel ashamed too, Le Bron you should forfeit your the MVP, since as an NBA player, you did not earn justly, on honesty alone. How we have seen you , no one should know how your have adjusted to the devil in you pathetic way, I know of people like you, once again cowards, just take what is given to you, not earn it. Don’t tell us how do you live with your shame, the NBA doesn’t pay you enough, Mr MVP; it is all over your hidden face, yeah, below the ball cap, YOU ARE JUST A COMMODITY, not pride, nor honesty, you are not worth the pride, nor earnest of the NBA. Our consideration of you as an honest human being, is out the door, kicked to the curb. If you were honest, since the refs weren’t honest, then we would not have to have this conversation; This is WHY I love to blog about your non ethical ways; You R COWARD- Tell me I am wrong, IT WILL BITE YOU IN THE END

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