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NBA Players Restricted from Playing in China

NBA players currently under contract will be restricted from playing in teams belonging to the Chinese Basketball Association. The ban, however, will not effect free agents. Several players, such as Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have expressed interested in playing for teams in China in the case of a 2011-2012 lockout. Free agents […]

NBA refs ruining game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals

Well, the refs have “taken control” of game 7. Calling phantom fouls, missing obvious calls, being inconsistent with moving screens and hand checks. This is such a poor officiating job, that I’m not even going to mention specific instances, since it’s not really needed. Just watch ANY 5 minutes of the game, and you’ll see […]

Lakers Celtics game 6 referee review

Well, game 6 was a complete whopping of the Boston Celtics by the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics were manhandled all gave by physical play from the Lakers. Several people have pointed out that they just kept looking to the refs for calls. The question is, did the Lakers get away with fouls all game? […]

Lakers Celtics game 5 2010 NBA Finals

Watching the game (of course), and just seeing how the refs get sucked into the action. Kobe Bryant just got called for his fifth foul on Paul Pierce’s flop. Pierce, catching the ball by the sideline, lunges forwards into Kobe and then flops out of bounds. The refs fall for it, and make the call. […]

Should we compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan?

Is it time to compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan? At what point does this enter the realm of being “ok”. Is it after 5 championships? 6? People are quick to forget just how great Michael Jordan was. I love watching those old Bulls’ games. I’m only going to say that Kobe is getting up […]

Laker vs. Celtics game 1 of the 2010 NBA finals

The game started out a little sketchy with a double technical call within about 3 seconds of the game starting. But to be fair, they did a pretty good job. They still seem to have a difficult job calling offensive fouls and blocking fouls correctly, but at least they didn’t dictate the game. There were […]

Bad Ref Polls

Have the NFL replacement refs ruined the game to that point where you won’t watch? (Poll)

The 2012 NFL season is only a few weeks old, and replacement refs have already had a significant impact of a number of games. The question is, have the NFL replacement refs ruined the game to that point where you won’t watch?

Have the NFL replacement refs ruined the game to that point where you won't watch?

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